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Frames for PSP 7.0

l mainsite l wood l naturals l colored l not square l

You are visiting the Paint Shop Pro FRAMES pages of Kittekat Design.

All the FREE frames are exclusively designed by Kittekat design. All of them are unique, exclusively designed by me.
You are welcome to choose the one(s) you like best and use it with your Paint Shop Pro program.
By clicking on the .jpg image, you will be asked to download a zip-file.
This is the only way to get the original file with a transparant background! The .jpg's on this site are NOT transparant. Beside: you will only see
30% of the original image over here.
So: you will need a program to unzip my files and extract the file to c/windows/program files/jasc/psp/frames.

Graphics found at Kittekatdesign may not be placed in other archives, cd-collections or galleries.

All graphics are the property of Kittekat design.  Whether you download them for use on your site or not. You are just *borrowing* them. 

I do not need a link or anything for these designs but I do appreciate some words in my guestbook if you like them :)

'Other than square' frames



Don't forget to save into JASC PSP frames


Kittekat PSP Downloads is part of Kittekat Design homepages. Kittekat Design also designs original websets with matching animations and cursortrailers.