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It had to come to this!
Why not offer the stuff I made for my PSP 7 during the years?
I do not even know if there are people outside who are looking for these images, but hey: I have them!!
All you have to do is download them and place them into Jasc's PSP.

At this moment you can download my patterns. In future I will place my frames here too.
And who knows what else may follow :)

All the FREE downloads are exclusively designed by Kittekat design. Most of them are unique made from photo's and drawings I made. Some were made from images I found on the internet, some from brochures.
You are welcome to choose the one(s) you like best and use it with your Paint Shop Pro program.

Graphics found at Kittekatdesign may not be placed in other archives, cd-collections or galleries.

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All graphics are the property of Kittekat design.  Whether you download them for use on your site or not. You are just *borrowing* them. 

A link is not neccesary (though appreciated) but I do like some words in my guestbook if you like my designs.





Kittekat PSP Downloads is part of Kittekat Design homepages. Kittekat Design also designs original websets with matching animations and cursortrailers.

If you are looking for tubes: Visit Kittekat's tubesart

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